This web site is crammed full of information about the apple iPhone. Our main objective is to let UK buyers know exactly where they can get the iPhone from in the UK and also what the release date for the iPhone is in the UK.

All the latest news will be posted up on our iPhone blog so keep checking back for all the latest iPhone news.

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The iPhone at a glance

Mass Hysteria and or massive hype apple or Steve Jobs are no strangers too but no one could have anticipated the coverage that the new apple iPhone would receive.

The Apple iPhone breaks no great boundaries in its feature list but the promise is that every feature it has will be done bigger and better. A promise that when made by Apple seems all the more likely to be realised.

The iPhone release date is set for June 2007 a date which the majority of Apple's loyal and hardcore fanbase will have marked off their calender. The iPhone price will start $499 for the 4GB modeal and move up to $599 for the 8GB model. Both models come with a mandatory 2 year service contract.

Here are the iPhone's main features explained in more details :

Touch screen like no other !
Apple have apparently developed a touch screen for the iphone will is unrivaled in modern day phones. Touch with your fingers and have complete control.

Internet browsing just got a whole lot better
The iPhone will implement the Apple OS default browser Safari into the system and this can be used to browse on your iPhone. There is even a neat feature that allows you tip your iphone on its side to view via your Safari browser landscape rather than portrait.

The iPhone enables WIFI browsing meaning no more slow internet connections whilst using your phone.

View the feature list on the right for a more detailed list of features.

iPhone UK out now

The Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent retailer of mobile phones in Europe. They are now offering the UK iPhone for £269 along with a contract of either £35.00, £45.00 or £55.00 pm. 02, Apple Stores and The CarPhone Warehouse are now offering the iPhone 3G for £100 and there are a choice of monthly packages of £30, £35, £45 & £75. Some tariffs even include the phone for free.